Services Recommend by PrivateSLP

​We hope you enjoy using these resources in your business. ​We either use these resources on a daily basis and/or recommend them to our listeners and customers.  


​I recently had the privilege to personally speak with Otsimo, and was ​​impressed that more than 35000 users around the world rely on their technology to assist children with ​special needs.  Learn more at ​

​Thrive Themes

​We love using Thrive Themes, and I know that you will , too!  Convert more visitors into customers with themes & plugins, built from the ground up.   ​Find out more, right here.

​​American Express Business Platinum 

​A special offer from American Express Business Platinum Card to PrivateSLP listeners here.

​​Project Fi by Google ​

​​Google has a great phone service that can save you money when you're just starting out with your own speech therapy private practice.  More info here.

​​​Fusion Web Clinic ​

​​​The great team o​ver at Fusion ​ can help you manage scheduling, documentation, and billing with the only EMR built specifically for pediatric occupational, speech, and physical therapists. ​

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